Pinning Posts To Get Many Free Likes.

News 10:03 March 2024:

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Ever wondered why some people or social media groups you in consider pinning posts at the top of their timelines? It may seem like a nuisance because whenever you log in you come across it. To the account owner or the page administrator, it is to their advantage. Pinned posts help them get many free likes as those visiting the account see it over and over. This works especially if it is engaging content posted that will draw attention to it. Those who love it may be interested in tagging their friends to it. Once tagged it is easy to locate the post since it is always available at the top. If someone is tagged on a post that is in the timeline, a lot of time is used to locate the same, and most users tend to give up in the course of searching the same. You automatically fail to add them to your traffic since they will not access the content you initially intended to attract them and get free likes. A lot of engagements take place since no one among your followers miss whatever you are posting.f2

Content and Free Likes

There is no denying that so many times you have had people saying that the key to getting free likes on social media is the content that you post. You might be wondering how this is so. Well, the statement is very true. You need to understand the fundamentals of social media for you to be able to fully understand the concept behind this. People turn to social media for so many reasons and it is important that these reasons be appealed to for one to get likes, never ever think that the likes that you are looking for will come automatically.

There are certain people that think that their friends, lovers and family members are supposed to automatically like what they post on social media. This thinking could not be further misguided. It is a very lost train of thought. It is important to understand that the concept of loyalty does not apply on social media. People will not simply like what you post because they have a certain relationship with you and even if they do so, they will only do so for a short while. It is important that you know that the content that they like also says something about them.They are also on social media and they are also looking to get the followers and the likes. It is thus important for them to portray a certain image of themselves; an image that will attract people to them. This image on social media is usually portrayed through the content the individual posts, the people that the individual follows and the kind of content that the individual likes. Remember that liking a certain post n social media equates to leaving one’s signature on a document in the real world.f1

This then means that the content that you post on social media should be content that should be very well thought through. Do not just hurriedly post everything that you come along. First and foremost you must know exactly who you are looking to target on social media. After you have identified your target audience, the next step should be determining what kind of content will be relevant to that audience and which content they will like and enjoy. Then you can start posting that content. The content will automatically appeal to them and they will give you the free likes that you are looking for.

Never let anyone misguide you; one fact will forever remain true, the language of communication on social media is content. It does not matter whether you will be posting images, poems, videos or memes; the content that will be contained therein will go a very long way in determining the interest that you will pick on social media. You can even carry out a small survey of your own and look at what the people that usually get many likes post. Then go further and see the kind of audience that these people normally attract and you will see the connection between the content that you post and getting many likes.