How to make the best of your many free followers

So you have then thousand followers on Instagram but you don’t know what to do with them? If yes, you are not alone. Most people struggle day and night to accumulate as many free followers on social networks as they can, but as soon as they reach the highest number of followers they feel satisfied with, they fail to make the best out of this popularity.

With ten thousand followers on Instagram, you could easily launch an online clothe line for instance and start making some good money out of it. Five thousand followers on twitter can easily make your blog popular and successful, while your one hundred thousand YouTube followers can turn you into the bit celebrity you always have wanted to be. The only input you need to add is posting quality posts, pictures, photos or videos in the case of YouTube and snapchat. If you ever liked marketing, there would be no better way to advertise you products than through social media. Twitter for instance is one of the best social networks for online marketers, while Facebook’s one billion users can also help you out in addition to your followers.f1

What are free followers and how do you get them? Free followers are the people who subscribe to your tweets for free of charge. Twitter is free after all, and they will e able to see what you share. You can also protect your tweets if you don’t want everyone to see them.

  1. What is the genuine way to attract many free Followers?

There are many ways to attract free followers on Instagram or twitter, but not all methods are legitimate. Buying followers for instance is a quick way to get famous on twitter, but is it ethical? Does it lead to an increase in sales or engagement? On the other hand, you may try the aggressively follow everyone method, but how good is it?

Getting many free followers is one thing, but how you get them is a different thing altogether. The only way you can be sure you have a genuine following that loves what you share, is by attracting them with your content. Post good content and everyone who follows will forever be a close friend. If you build your following based on good content, even when you are a marketer, people will be more willing to buy your product than when you directly push your product on them. Still, make sure you complete your bio. Add a professional avatar picture, and be engaging as much as possible.f2

Carry out some good research and get to know all the bloggers that blog about your niche. Get to analyze each of this bloggers and see the audience that they are attracting. Once you have a list of eth ones that are drawing your target audience, get familiar with their bloggers. Ensure that you are very active and visible on these blogs. Leave very thoughtful and insightful comments after every blog post. When you notice that people have started appreciating your comments, provide links to your social media pages. The same audience that is drawn to you on the blog will turn into free followers for you.