How Do Weather Stations Function?

Prior investing in a weather station, it is important to explore what it is all about. It is essential to understand that a weather station is a useful device that gathers data linked with environment and weather with the aid of using various sensors. They are also referred to as home weather station, weather centers, forecasters, personal weather stations as well as professional weather stations.

What do they typically comprise of?

Sensors of weather stations may consist of a barometer that gauges atmospheric pressure, thermometer that takes temperature readings and there are also those sensors that are designed to gauge humidity, wind and rain etc.

Weather stations generally range from uncomplicated analog technology to digital technology. Indeed, a few can even be linked to the internet or computer so that the data gathered could be examined and determined utilizing weather station software.

Various types of weather stations come in different features and functions. In general, they gauge rainfall, temperature, wind speed as well as barometric pressure. In addition, they are commonly designed with easy to utilize display panel that are equipped with programmable functions and function with external sensors.

Additionally, weather stations come with a number of uses such as monitoring construction sites to guarantee the safety of workers and figure out appropriate equipment operating and the conditions in terms of installing materials. There are models that are utilized within warehouse facilities to find out that suitable product storage conditions are being satisfied. On the other hand, when it comes to private residences, there are models that are utilized to evaluate heating and levels of humidity plus of course air conditioning and ventilation system performance.

In truth, there are versions that are especially designed with multi-functional wireless digital device. They could precisely gauge relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind direction, precipitation and wind speed. In the same way, some features a wall-mountable or free-standing touchscreen LED display that is made with PCE-FWS 20 and backlight. This makes them ideal gifts that you can give away!

What should you consider when picking a weather station? What is the appropriate personal weather station for you?

The type of weather station that you should consider actually relies on your needs. To put simple, if you are just searching to view at conditions prior going outdoor, a basic weather station will be adequate for you. However, if your requirements for tracking weather root from a special interest, hobby or professional profession, you can delight in a number of favors from a weather monitoring system with more avant-garde capabilities.

What makes weather stations worth-buying?

These devices offer substantial data for activities such as fishing, gardening, construction, hunting, agriculture, golf course management, sailing, child care and parenting, baseball and softball, property management and a lot more. However, in order to enhance such activities like these, the model that you should choose may require extra sensors like the ones that come with lightning detector, wind speed meter and rain gauge.

On the other hand, there are also models that enables users to glance their local weather conditions even they’re on the go with the aid of an online weather app. Luckily, there are models that come with remote monitoring software, you may even possibly view weather data through tablets, smartphones and a computer by utilizing a web browser.

Apart from all these, there is another feature that you should ponder on and this is whether you’d prefer to examine and determine and export your weather history. Assuredly, this is particularly favorable for activities such as park district maintenance, storm chasing, school and storm spotting. Historical data is a lot easier to view through this nowadays.

If you simply prefer to know when to bring an umbrella or raincoat, prepare sweaters for your children prior sending them to outdoor activities or school, you can settle with a basic weather station. These can work wonders if you wish to learn more about barometric pressure, local weather forecasts, humidity, trends, temperature etc. To use such model, you solely need to put the easy-to-read display on an end table, night stand or kitchen counter and from there you can obtain all the weather data conveniently and easily come up with a plan on how to spend your day with confidence.

The Advantages of Instagram Views for a brand online.

Instagram is one of the social sites that enjoy a large following in the modern world. It enjoys over 800 million users making it an excellent platform for a company and brand to exploit when it comes to seeking the market for its products and services online .Instagram views refer to the action that occurs when followers of an account can see what has been posted and shared by the accounts they are following. The account holders, in this case, can be a business, company or a brand. The post, on the other hand, can include a photo, video or a link that opens up to the brand’s main website. Some benefits are associated with the Instagram views when it comes to a brand. The  four  significant advantages are mentioned and expounded below

  • An excellent digital marketing platform -With such a vast number of members, Instagram provides a good marketing platform for a brand to use when penetrating the online market. With the views associated with this social page, a company will be able to know who are interested in their services. This will increase the company sales and profits due to increased marketing via the Instagram views.
  • Acquisition of new clients and referrals – With a large number of Instagram users, the views that the post, content shared receives will lead to the acquisition of clients for their products and services. It goes without saying that excellent products and services will encourage referrals who in turn will become clients and cycle continues. It’s essential for the company to maximize the use of Instagram as a marketing tool, while at it provides top notch services to the clients acquired and enjoyed the benefits that will come with the referrals.
  • Stands out compared to its competitors -Increased Instagram views on an account will make it popular and famous on the social page. Once famous and standing out, it will enjoy a superior position compared to its competitors. When a brand enjoys proper attention compared to its competitors, it goes without saying that it will attract more clients for its services. This will increase their sales and increase their profits hence achieving its goals. The happy clients acquired will bring referrals which will be interested in similar products and services.
  • Less time spend on marketing – As mentioned above Instagram is an excellent marketing platform when it comes to digital marketing. With the increased views, the short time will be spent on the marketing methods for such a brand. The time saved will be diverted to other companies sections and departments hence making it perform much better in the overall running. This contributes to achieving the companies targets and goals.

The above-mentioned advantages comes with engaging of Instagram as a marketing tool on the online platform. Instagram views is a good indication  of the number of people that come into contact with the content shared  on the company’s or brands account. Any content shared should be of high quality because it can make or break a brand. My advice is sharing a link that opens up to the company website should be part of the shared content.


Pinning Posts To Get Many Free Likes.

Ever wondered why some people or social media groups you in consider pinning posts at the top of their timelines? It may seem like a nuisance because whenever you log in you come across it. To the account owner or the page administrator, it is to their advantage. Pinned posts help them get many free likes as those visiting the account see it over and over. This works especially if it is engaging content posted that will draw attention to it. Those who love it may be interested in tagging their friends to it. Once tagged it is easy to locate the post since it is always available at the top. If someone is tagged on a post that is in the timeline, a lot of time is used to locate the same, and most users tend to give up in the course of searching the same. You automatically fail to add them to your traffic since they will not access the content you initially intended to attract them and get free likes. A lot of engagements take place since no one among your followers miss whatever you are posting.f2

Content and Free Likes

There is no denying that so many times you have had people saying that the key to getting free likes on social media is the content that you post. You might be wondering how this is so. Well, the statement is very true. You need to understand the fundamentals of social media for you to be able to fully understand the concept behind this. People turn to social media for so many reasons and it is important that these reasons be appealed to for one to get likes, never ever think that the likes that you are looking for will come automatically.

There are certain people that think that their friends, lovers and family members are supposed to automatically like what they post on social media. This thinking could not be further misguided. It is a very lost train of thought. It is important to understand that the concept of loyalty does not apply on social media. People will not simply like what you post because they have a certain relationship with you and even if they do so, they will only do so for a short while. It is important that you know that the content that they like also says something about them.They are also on social media and they are also looking to get the followers and the likes. It is thus important for them to portray a certain image of themselves; an image that will attract people to them. This image on social media is usually portrayed through the content the individual posts, the people that the individual follows and the kind of content that the individual likes. Remember that liking a certain post n social media equates to leaving one’s signature on a document in the real world.f1

This then means that the content that you post on social media should be content that should be very well thought through. Do not just hurriedly post everything that you come along. First and foremost you must know exactly who you are looking to target on social media. After you have identified your target audience, the next step should be determining what kind of content will be relevant to that audience and which content they will like and enjoy. Then you can start posting that content. The content will automatically appeal to them and they will give you the free likes that you are looking for.

Never let anyone misguide you; one fact will forever remain true, the language of communication on social media is content. It does not matter whether you will be posting images, poems, videos or memes; the content that will be contained therein will go a very long way in determining the interest that you will pick on social media. You can even carry out a small survey of your own and look at what the people that usually get many likes post. Then go further and see the kind of audience that these people normally attract and you will see the connection between the content that you post and getting many likes.

How to make the best of your many free followers

So you have then thousand followers on Instagram but you don’t know what to do with them? If yes, you are not alone. Most people struggle day and night to accumulate as many free followers on social networks as they can, but as soon as they reach the highest number of followers they feel satisfied with, they fail to make the best out of this popularity.

With ten thousand followers on Instagram, you could easily launch an online clothe line for instance and start making some good money out of it. Five thousand followers on twitter can easily make your blog popular and successful, while your one hundred thousand YouTube followers can turn you into the bit celebrity you always have wanted to be. The only input you need to add is posting quality posts, pictures, photos or videos in the case of YouTube and snapchat. If you ever liked marketing, there would be no better way to advertise you products than through social media. Twitter for instance is one of the best social networks for online marketers, while Facebook’s one billion users can also help you out in addition to your followers.f1

What are free followers and how do you get them? Free followers are the people who subscribe to your tweets for free of charge. Twitter is free after all, and they will e able to see what you share. You can also protect your tweets if you don’t want everyone to see them.

  1. What is the genuine way to attract many free Followers?

There are many ways to attract free followers on Instagram or twitter, but not all methods are legitimate. Buying followers for instance is a quick way to get famous on twitter, but is it ethical? Does it lead to an increase in sales or engagement? On the other hand, you may try the aggressively follow everyone method, but how good is it?

Getting many free followers is one thing, but how you get them is a different thing altogether. The only way you can be sure you have a genuine following that loves what you share, is by attracting them with your content. Post good content and everyone who follows will forever be a close friend. If you build your following based on good content, even when you are a marketer, people will be more willing to buy your product than when you directly push your product on them. Still, make sure you complete your bio. Add a professional avatar picture, and be engaging as much as possible.f2

Carry out some good research and get to know all the bloggers that blog about your niche. Get to analyze each of this bloggers and see the audience that they are attracting. Once you have a list of eth ones that are drawing your target audience, get familiar with their bloggers. Ensure that you are very active and visible on these blogs. Leave very thoughtful and insightful comments after every blog post. When you notice that people have started appreciating your comments, provide links to your social media pages. The same audience that is drawn to you on the blog will turn into free followers for you.



Why Having Free Followers On Your Social Media Does More Harm Than Good

In a world where your popularity is pretty much gauged on how many followers you have on your social media profile, it’s hard not to be tempted to get free followers or likes whenever you could.
While there are some good things when it comes to getting free followers, most of the time it does more harm than good because getting followers this way would usually mean you’re getting free followers from dummy account created solely for this purposes. There are no real people behind these accounts and it doesn’t add any value to your “popularity.”
If a person doesn’t know you, they might wonder why you’re so “popular” so they might follow you for a while. Unless you have something real to offer, then these new followers will found out that your account is boring and not worth following. If you’re just getting free likes to make yourself feel and look good, then sooner or later, other people who follow your account will see it and leave. This would make you look bad if they tell others about what you did.

Why more Authoritative Content leads to more Engagement and Likes

You have perhaps ever heard that it not okay to presents yourself as a guru or as an expert in any social media if you want people to like or follow your accounts. It is not true. It may not work for everyone, but research shows that at least 55% of people who presents themselves as knowledgeable or experts in any filed on Facebook or twitter often have their pages attracting thousands of  free likes and followers.

However, it is not just enough to call yourself an expert in social media marketing for instance. People will like your content and not your profile. Also, people expect a lot of powerful and moving content from an expert, so don’t let your followers down. But in the same spirit of being an expert, don’t overwhelm your followers with too much content. Share small  nuggets of your expertise time after time.

Is purchasing twitter likes really worth it?

For a very long time now, many twitter users have been seeking ways of how they can really get to increase their twitter likes significantly. It is for that reason consequently, that led to the increased purchase of likes and other twitter services as well. Well, to be frankly speaking, it has really become one of the best ways in which people can gain likes really quick, actually the moment you post you just receive likes automatically, and without any hustle at all.

But many people have often wondered, is it really worth it? Is the purchasing of these twitter likes add any value? Well, it would all depend on the perspective in which you look at it from. However, it is fair to say that it is by all means worth every dollar you pay for it. More likes equals more exposure for your account and thus, you get to become popular across the network. Furthermore, for the purposes of social media marketing, it is indeed worth it because it helps you reach as many clients as possible.

Enhance your Facebook profile with conventionalAuto likes

With a few cases where one is capable of getting auto likes tools, it isn’t advisable to go for such Inasmuch as everybody needs to increase extra online visibility, it is always better to constantly post up dates or get advertising assistance. These applications automatically gain right to use to your Facebook pages. This access makes them post unauthorized content in your Facebook page without your consent. The applications can likewise send private messages to your followers and friends.

This act alone can be determined to your social media popularity. So fundamentally, growing your likes with applications robs you of the reputation you enjoy among your friends and family.

This is a big achievement to get around thousands of likes on your profile, your friends will think its exceptionally absurd since you just have lesser friends o your friend’s list. This will likewise make you bear resemblance to a swindler to every one of your links. An additional risk when you sign up is it spams your timeline, and everyone on your list worldwide, even individuals not associated with you at all.

How important are Automatic likes on Facebook?

According to the most recent survey, Facebook has approximately over one billion active users around the world.  What does this translate into probably as a business person? It means that Facebook is probably the most reliable social site where anyone can market their products or sell their brand. But what does it take to achieve that? There are several people who have managed to make millions of dollars just by selling their products or services through Facebook. This people use things such as automatic likes to drive improve their online presence.

As a Facebook user, once you see a page with so many Facebook likes you will definitely assume that it is either a prominent person or a business that is recognized worldwide. This will therefore encourage you also to either like the page or even go ahead and recommend it to your friends. Therefore the power of automatic likes cannot be underestimated when it comes to getting a pool of online users to your side. You will be forced to employ such tactics in order to survive in the world of internet marketing.

Automatic Likes

As a social media platform user have you ever been faced with not receiving likes at all for a photo or comment made?  It is not a very pleasant feeling and many people shy away from posting the same lest they receive the same treatment.  Some people are still scared of joining the social medial platform lest they get the same kind of treatment.  This in essence is something worth considering but what they do not know is that, we are way beyond the time when one has to depend on automatic likes to help increase their account and or profile.

This can be ascertained by the large numbers of providers who have invested heavily in ensuring that their customers are able to get real likes every 10 – 15 minutes.  The competition among providers is bringing a lot of competition in the market and better features.  Do you know that marketers use the social platform for business?  This is mainly because; it is the only platform with a large number of customers and customers to be.  How you market your product online will go along way in how a business stands out in the long run.  You cannot be able to grow any account if your likes continue to be stagnant.

Just like in a school setting, people prefer dealing with those that have a large number of likes.  Most people believe that such account owners have something interesting to offer.  This may be so and may not be, depending on a few factors.  Businesses unlike individuals are not afraid to spend whatever amount required for them to be able to receive automatic likes.  Providers of the likes the world over are raking a lot of money from business and smiling their way to the bank each month as they continue to be their largest customers.

Another group of people that have been associated with automating their likes are celebrities.  Because of their busy lifestyle, they rarely have time to sit down and like the large number of comments and photos they receive each day.  They are also not able to have extra time on their hands to increase their likes manually.  It is a task that most of them dare not.  Being a celebrity makes prods you to the social media and people are always looking at you.  People admire you and have no idea that just like others you too have your fears, struggles and low moments.

This in essence is something that your followers are able to contend with and are always looking forward to the number of likes you have.  They would rather follow you than follow a new comer on the platform who is also struggling to build their accounts.  Automatic likes therefore has made it easier for social media users to enjoy the number of likes they receive on any given day.  If you want to enjoy the same, ensure that you get a reputable company that will amongst other things refund your money if you are not satisfied and not over crowd your account with fake likes.

How To Sell Your Product Through Twitter Likes

Making full use of the functions available on a social media is a great way to grow your brand and sell your products. Do you know that you can use twitter likes to sell your products?

Other than directly advertising your products on twitter, you could also have special programs where you encourage your followers to like a product they like and in return, you will offer discounts or promotional items on their next purchase. Not only your followers will be interested to get discounts on the product they like, you could also increase the chance of your followers becoming repeat customers.

On twitter, twitter likes work only as an indication that another user likes your post. It would be a waste if you won’t make full use of this function because a like is not just a like when it could help you make money. You can have promotional gifts regularly or on a specific day. This way, your followers will also look forward to it and wait for you to post what’s up for grabs that week.f1

Purchasing instant likes has become the common trend these days and in as much as not many people are aware of it, it remains the easiest way in which one can get to increase the traffic of his account and even get famous easily. Just by purchasing a premium of likes of your choice, you get to receive instant automatic likes when you post a tweet and you don’t have to keep posting each and every time for you to get more likes on your posts. It is quite simple, no hassle whatsoever and above all, it is absolutely rewarding.

Purchase Twitter Likes To Promote Your Blog Website

As a blogger; endorsing your blog and increasing your read count of your blog posts could be quite challenging. However, that should not dishearten you at all. Fortunately for bloggers, there seems to be an easy way for them to promote their websites. It is easy…social media. Considering the fact that each and every person across the world is using social media platforms such as twitter, promoting your business could be effective if done on a busy social network such as twitter.

However, you are bound to experience a few hurdles along the way and especially when it comes to a low number of twitter likes and followers as well. But that should not halt your course whatsoever. In a bid to make your account more appealing, it would be in your best interest for you to invest intwitter likes that will help significantly improve the attractiveness of your profile. In so doing, you get to increase the viewership of your account and by posting links on your account; you are bound to increase the number of readers as well.f1

Factors that influence the Purchasing Automatic Twitter Likes

Purchasing twitter likes is one of the matters that should be approached with a great deal of seriousness and discretion as well to ensure that nothing whatsoever goes wrong. In so doing, there are considerations you have to make. First, you have to go for a dealer that fits right and is worth working with. Thus it is important for you to recognize certain attributes that are imperative. An extensive background research on these companies will help you determine the one that is most reputable and prominent and has a track record in dealing with genuine twitter likes.

In addition, it is vital that you do not put your account privacy in jeopardy. Whilst purchasing the automatic likes, do not choose companies where your account password will be required for. Choose a company that will give you the freedom to purchase what exactly suits you, a company that will give you an array of premiums to choose from and not one that will literally force you into buy a specific one. Nothing should go wrong if you follow these few tips.


What it means to attract Quality Twitter Followers

When you are an online marketer, a blog owner or simply someone who loves being in an engaging online community, there is nothing as important as getting the right people visit your blog; people who can boldly tell you that your tweets inspired them, people who can share or like your post is everyone’s dream. Such twitter users are what some expert call “quality” followers. Unfortunately it is not easy to know how many of your twitter followers belong to that category, even if you only attract a few twitter likes per post.

Yes, these days it is important to make a list of your favorite followers, especially if you would like to keep hearing from them. “Quality followers are in any case the people who get you many twitter likes, and you thus want to keep appreciating them whenever they extend kindness to you. Keep close ties with these special people, retweet their post, give them shout outs and they will always be willing to read your blog or share any of your post.

Use Contests to Get Free Likes

You would be shocked at the huge population of the world that takes place in promotional contests. It does not usually matter how small the prize that is being offered is, people usually still take the time to participate in these contents. As a business, you can take advantage of this to direct the free likes to your social media pages. The contests usually also work very well to market businesses and thus apart from just getting the likes that you are looking for you will be able to grow your market share.

Once in while run contests to popularize your business; make sure that the contest are widely publicized and one great way of doing this is be ensuring that they are being run by prominent personalities. For instance you can have popular radio personalities run the content for you. As a requirement for participating in the contest, let people know that they will be required to like your social media pages. You will be shocked at the large number of free likes this move will get you within a very short time.

How people came to accept the need to buy Automatic Likes

There were times when it was a criminal offence to confess that you purchased automatic likes for your social network accounts. Then were the times when social media bullying had reached its peak, and even social networks like Facebook could easily delete your account as soon as they realized you were involved in manipulating apps for many likes. Most people also disliked people like you who could gladly purchase a few likes for no particular reason. Over the years however, the social media bullying has declined in most networks, and twitter for instance does accept and acknowledge that some of their millions of users do depend on purchased automatic likes.

Unfortunately some social networks like Facebook are yet to embrace the use of automatic likes, but that doesn’t mean their users don’t buy them. But perhaps the reason why people are now tolerant and accepting of buying automatic likes is the crucial benefits they come with. For instance, most people want to be popular on social media, and most of them would want to be popular quick. And with the help of automatic likes, you get the exposure and popularity you admire very fast.

Why Your Automatic Likes Are Still Dormant.

After researching for the best automatic likes vendor in the market and settling for the best, you proceed to purchase the same and sit back to see your social media account transform. Since it’s automatic, we tend to assume that everything will be done on the vendors part after you initiate the payments. That is failing even before you start. On what content will the vendor generate the automatic likes to? Many buyers fail to note that the only thing they divulge to the seller is their username and not the logins details. The vendor is not able to access your account from his end to post content.


The time frame you subscribed for will expire without getting any like if you post nothing on your social media account. These likes are generated automatically from the vendors side when the posted content is detected. There is little chance that whatever you have posted will not be detected because your username is incorporated in the system and will only cease to identify upon expiry of your subscription. Take the first step and start uploading to enjoy this service.

The Perks and Drawbacks of Free Followers

Are you on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, periscope, soundcloud or any other social media platform that the world has to offer? Have you been finding it very difficult to increase the number of followers since you signed up for your account? If the answer is yes, then you might want to read through this piece of article carefully and establish a solution for your problem. Well, building a following is usually not everybody’s cup of tea and most people will always prefer to go for the easy way out which is by buying free followers for their accounts.

Most social media sites are usually against the purchasing of free followers in their terms and conditions and for this reason, if found, your account could be suspended or banned completely. So if you are intending to buy these followers, it is always important that you exercise great caution to ensure that you get only the real, authentic, legitimate and active followers who will just spice up your social media experience. Don’t go for fake followers just for the sake of the numbers.f1

A lot of social media networking sites users believe that having a great deal of free followers is one significant means to give your profile a notable boost while there are others that believe having followers like this is somehow linked to cheating. There is only one thing that is certain is and that is none other than having a multitude of followers can give you edge whether you use this for personal or business purposes.

What are the pros and cons of having a large number of free followers?

For many businesses, it cannot be denied that having countless of followers on your social media page is an outstanding method to maximize your brand or service awareness. Be that as it may, keep in mind that naturally establishing a loyal audience definitely takes time and in point of fact this is one factor which a number of entrepreneurs do not have. Further, as a consequence, online services which trade followers have instantly multiplied in current years.f2

The Perks

  • Having followers for free greatly aids in bolstering one’s social credibility at once.
  • This approach is perceived as a swift means to jumpstart the user’s perceived authority of his or her business’ social media page. When you have more followers, you are more likely to get easily noticed.
  • Your online marketing campaigns shall be more efficient since you will appear more credible and reputable. Moreover, clients will not have second thoughts of doing business with you.
  • The natural growth in the number of your page’s followers shall maximize as a consequence of appearing more renowned.
  • With the use of your website’s social widgets that emphasize your social credibility shall elucidate to a provable increase in conversions as well as online sales.

The Drawbacks

  • Without doubt, online scams these days are too common. It is because of this why it is especially essential to go over the reviews prior considering the offers of followers for free. Stay away from offers that are too good to be true – be mindful when doing any form of online transactions.
  • Generally, your new followers do not consist of real people which simply convey that they are commonly inactive accounts that solely appear real. Be reminded that any firm that claims to deliver genuine followers must be highly considered with suspicion.
  • Having unreal followers actually carries an unpleasant stigma with some people. This may imply that it is crucial for you to consider keeping it to yourself.
  • Such followers which you could get for free solely give users what is so-called initial boost. To put it simple, it is necessary for you to engage your followers so to accomplish success. You can review the guides of some social media platforms when it comes to promoting your business.

It is delighting to note that social media platform guides to promoting businesses provide exhaustive overview of highly effective tricks and techniques and some beneficial tips on how to maximize your visibility and for you to be able to acquire more organic followers for your social media page.

Free Likes That Will Boost Your Social Media Marketing

If you are running an online business, you will agree with me that that there is nothing much more difficult than marketing an online business. However, with the presence of social media sites at your disposal, you could take advantage of them and advertise your products or services. One thing about social media marketing though is that it will depend to a great extent on the exposure of the respective account used for it to be successful. So it is always very important that you ensure that your account is well publicized to many people across the network before you can begin your marketing strategy.

So the best way to increase the exposure of your account is by buying free likes for each and every post that you get to share. When people notice that your business ads are well liked, they will get intrigued and want to find out what the business is all about. Free likes that are received automatically once you post anything give your ads more exposure across and beyond your social circle people will always want to move with the masses, thus more likes equals more exposure and more sales as a result.

List of the most popular Twitter poll topics

It is barely one year since twitter polls were introduced, but there are already topics that have always denominated over others in terms of getting high responses from audiences. Most of the highly participated in topics are either from trendy news topics or from question that generate opposite answers. For instance, a poll about what is better between a “view” or “like” button on YouTube would generate more response than a topics about two unrelated topics.

Sports and politics also take big spots among the most polled about ideas on twitter. Ask anyone about who will win the next general election and you will get a highly heated debate on your timeline. Highly controversial topics about religion and morality also attract a lot of responses from audiences. However, you don’t have to start a twitter poll about the trendiest topics to get a lot of views. Just be yourself and poll people using intriguing questions and you will surely attract some attention from your followers and friends.