Why Your Automatic Likes Are Still Dormant.

News 11:04 April 2024:

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After researching for the best automatic likes vendor in the market and settling for the best, you proceed to purchase the same and sit back to see your social media account transform. Since it’s automatic, we tend to assume that everything will be done on the vendors part after you initiate the payments. That is failing even before you start. On what content will the vendor generate the automatic likes to? Many buyers fail to note that the only thing they divulge to the seller is their username and not the logins details. The vendor is not able to access your account from his end to post content.


The time frame you subscribed for will expire without getting any like if you post nothing on your social media account. These likes are generated automatically from the vendors side when the posted content is detected. There is little chance that whatever you have posted will not be detected because your username is incorporated in the system and will only cease to identify upon expiry of your subscription. Take the first step and start uploading to enjoy this service.