List of the most popular Twitter poll topics

News 11:04 April 2024:

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It is barely one year since twitter polls were introduced, but there are already topics that have always denominated over others in terms of getting high responses from audiences. Most of the highly participated in topics are either from trendy news topics or from question that generate opposite answers. For instance, a poll about what is better between a “view” or “like” button on YouTube would generate more response than a topics about two unrelated topics.

Sports and politics also take big spots among the most polled about ideas on twitter. Ask anyone about who will win the next general election and you will get a highly heated debate on your timeline. Highly controversial topics about religion and morality also attract a lot of responses from audiences. However, you don’t have to start a twitter poll about the trendiest topics to get a lot of views. Just be yourself and poll people using intriguing questions and you will surely attract some attention from your followers and friends.