How people came to accept the need to buy Automatic Likes

News 10:03 March 2024:

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There were times when it was a criminal offence to confess that you purchased automatic likes for your social network accounts. Then were the times when social media bullying had reached its peak, and even social networks like Facebook could easily delete your account as soon as they realized you were involved in manipulating apps for many likes. Most people also disliked people like you who could gladly purchase a few likes for no particular reason. Over the years however, the social media bullying has declined in most networks, and twitter for instance does accept and acknowledge that some of their millions of users do depend on purchased automatic likes.

Unfortunately some social networks like Facebook are yet to embrace the use of automatic likes, but that doesn’t mean their users don’t buy them. But perhaps the reason why people are now tolerant and accepting of buying automatic likes is the crucial benefits they come with. For instance, most people want to be popular on social media, and most of them would want to be popular quick. And with the help of automatic likes, you get the exposure and popularity you admire very fast.